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We Are Unstoppable

What does family, parents and siblings mean to us? What do we do for our family members and what does the family do for us? How can we help each other in life? My story is about my younger brother, I consider him a hero in my life. Gábor is a simple man with a huge heart who is very honest and enduring. His endurance in work makes him a real hero. He works 16 hours five days a week as a cook; he gets up every morning and goes to work because that’s his job. He was 18 when he got a great opportunity to work abroad as a chef, naturally making much more money than here, at home. Had he accepted it, his life would have changed radically, but he didn’t want to leave me and our mom alone. It is just the three of us and we would never leave each other. He has superhuman strength. He moved in with Mom who had to be cared for because of her health, but we never felt that is a burden; we are one and everyone does their bit without complaint – Gábor works, Mom takes care of the household, I s
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Four Slices of Cake

What do mothers mean to us? What do we learn from them and what is our favourite memory with our mother? They are the strongest, most persistent people who never give up, who we can always count on. The next story presents a mother, a hero who lives for her children. When I was a child, we rarely got any sweets. However, when mom went to the shop, we always looked forward to her return with great expectations. What will she bring us today? Lollypop? Melon-flavoured chewing gum? Or jellybeans? I remember, one day she drew a deep breath as she left to the shop. All we had was 500 HUF and she wanted to buy bread. I didn’t know how much 500 HUF was worth back in those days, but it must have been similar as it is today: not very much. When mom got home, she put down the bread on the table. She took out two lollipops from her pocket and gave them to us smilingly, then went to the kitchen to cook some potatoes. I remember, I was 6 years old when I first got a cake. It was a chocolate cake. We

The Roma Heroes – 5th International Roma Theatre Festival has ended

The Independent Theatre Hungary has been drawing attention to the values, stories and heroes of Roma theatre for 15 years. This year, the company organised the international theatre meeting for the 5th time, 5–9 May, 2022, in the RS9 Theatre. During the festival’s five years, the audience saw 29 performances. The festival’s main goal is to present authentic stories written by Roma authors which places Roma culture’s values in the spotlight. „We work to draw attention to the values of Roma dramas and storytelling, to Roma communities’ situations by putting value-driven people’s stories and extraordinary challenges in the spotlight through presenting contemporary European plays.” – Rodrigó Balogh, art director On the 5 th of May, the Independent Theatre Hungary, celebrating its 15 th anniversary, presented the theatrical collection called Roma Heroes Digital Collection of European Roma Theatre and Drama. The collection presents the values, the past and the present, the artists and the

That’s when it became clear that I can be a hero, too…

Who do we consider to be heroes and why? For their acts, their qualities, their courage or their clothing? Often when we talk about heroes, superheroes, doctors, firefighters or policemen come to our mind. This story shows the heroism of an ordinary person. My story goes back to when I was 18, and I lived in a condominium where a Russian lady, called Irina lived in the last flat. We were close to each other; her husband was even our distant relative. One day I noticed a lot of smoke coming from their flat. I ran to open the door and saw that their oven caught on fire and Irina was laying on the ground unconscious. I had to act immediately; there was no time to hesitate in that situation. I poured water on the oven, I dragged Irina out of the flat and called the firefighters, who came and put the fire out. It’s important to add, that in case of a disaster, if the flat had blown up, more residents could have got hurt. While on my way to the flat, I kept thinking that I had to act so that

The person I have got the most from

In our lives we meet a lot of people who have a significant influence on us.  We can call them heroes or role models, but the point is that they impact our lives and smooth the way for us. I consider myself lucky. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by amazing people in an atmosphere where I was encouraged to dream big. My parents always supported me, my mum wanted me to graduate and get a decent job so that I could provide for my family. Words cannot express how much they mean to me.  Beside my parents, my mentor, who has become a good friend by now, helped me find my path. My hero story is about him. Music has always intrigued me, so when I started going to a camp as a teenager, I met a lot of exceptionally talented people there. One of the music mentors in the camp was Máté Kovács whom I’ve always admired for his talent. We practiced a lot and he wanted us to make progress individually, too. We made music together, we chose and orchestrated the songs together, he listene

Loving strictness

  What’s the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about heroes? Why do we consider someone a hero? Discipline wouldn’t come to most people’s mind first. This story shows, though, how expectations full of love and intentional parenting make heroes out of our parents. To introduce my heroes, I must go back to my childhood…and I am lucky enough to think of my mum and dad as heroes. I was not a good kid at all. I did a lot of mischief, and I was also lazy and self-righteous. Music was always important in my family. My dad is still the organist in our local church. My parents soon noticed my musical talent when I was a child, and they wanted me to improve it. Beside music, improving my school records became my other priority. My parents divided the tasks between them: my dad would assist my musical studies, and my mum would help me better my grades. I found maths extremely difficult, and my mum sacrificed her whole summer to tutor me. Each day she worked with endless patien

True persistence

  What’s your biggest dream, and what would you do to achieve it? Life often doesn’t turn out how we planned. What do you do then? Do you face the difficulties, or do you give up? The story of my hero gets a special place in my heart because it has one main character but two heroes. Where shall I start? Yes, I would like to tell you about my sister. A true perfectionist. She’d had this personality trait already back then when she started university but beginning her studies didn’t go smoothly. Her first thing to do was to apply for a dorm room, because getting to school would have been a true struggle every single day by train, bus and the local bus service. This would have meant six hours of commuting each day. She obviously tried her best to get a place in the dormitory. The story would end here if reality would be like a fairy tale. But we all know that it is not always like that. So, she kept on trying without success for months, she didn’t get a room, meanwhile she would wake